Stop Food Wastage with Shelf Engine’s Machine Learning

  Food wastage isn’t just economically bad for a company in the food industry; it’s also detrimental to the environment and society in general.  Luckily there was a person who felt the same way, and eventually he set up Shelf Engine in 2016 to make the technology available to other companies. The story starts when… Read more

Liberty Global Taps Amazon Web Services for Formula 1 Machine Learning

For race car fans, Formula 1 (F1) is the pinnacle of the sport.  The drivers are the best in the world, and the technology that they use in the machines is cutting edge.  That’s why each Formula 1 car produces huge amounts of data, and the teams use that to optimize their strategies.  Liberty Media,… Read more

Deep Learning Powers Canary for Home Security

Like most modern startups, Canary produces one thing, but their underlying technology is another thing.  On the face of it, Canary manufactures security cameras, but in reality they are a machine learning-based company which happens to be in the field of security. Headquartered in New York City, their team comprises of experts in the fields… Read more

Machine Learning to Spot Fake News is Being Deployed by Facebook

  Fake news is a constant in our lives these days.  From being mentioned on the real news every night to appearing on our social media newsfeeds to being constantly in President Trump’s tweets, it’s a problem that seemingly can’t be solved.  But the number one social network – the one where fake news has… Read more

The Notorious B.I.G. Meets Big Data in Today’s Music Industry

Big Data analysis is not the future of the music industry, because the recording industry is ahead of the curve and is actively using those techniques today.   Large sets of raw information – accumulated via downloads, apps and online searches – is influencing not only the market, but which songs become hits. Subjective assumptions from… Read more