StreetLight Data Helps Major Cities With Their Traffic Analytics

  Traffic is still a major problem in American cities, with citizens spending an average of 14.5 million hours a day stuck in it.  If you take into account lost productivity, wasted fuel and the increased expense of transporting goods,  that means gridlock’s cost to the economy is estimated at $305 billion a year. That’s… Read more

Rare Disease Sufferers Can Help Cure Themselves by Giving Data to RDMD

  It’s not rare that a problem that you have is what prompts you to set up a startup.  That’s quite common in the startup world, and it’s why TapTalk’s Onno Faber decided to start another company.  That’s why he’s now the co-founder of RDMD. The Snapchat competitor’s founder decided to put up this company… Read more

Big Disasters Can Have Smaller Casualties with Big Data

Natural disasters cannot be predicted.  But the likelihood and scope of it can, in today’s data-driven world.  And that may be enough to bring the body countdown, with timely and correctly-targeted intervention. Gathering data, running models and utilizing machine learning algorithms are essential to forecasting.  Being ready for what first responders may encounter in a… Read more

Databricks to Lower Barrier for Enterprises to Innovate with AI

  There is an AI dilemma where despite the allure of artificial intelligence, most enterprises are struggling to succeed with AI. Databricks, a leader in unified analytics seeks to solve that with the creation of Unified Analytics. Data is the key to AI, but data and AI sit in technology and organizational silos, which is… Read more

Wimbledon Transforms Into a Data-Driven Media Organization

  If you’re a tennis follower, there should be little debate that Wimbledon is the premier tournament for that sporting industry.  The other big events such as the Australian Open and French Open may have their fans, but the event run by the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (AELTC) is the only one… Read more

Connecterra is On a Mission to Digitize Dairy Farming

Big Data and algorithms are something you would not associate with the interests of dairy farmers.  Until you delve deeper and illustrate how it can help develop the goals of the farm and in the areas where the processes can be improved.  Then you’ve got their attention. The founder of Connecterra came up with the… Read more

Honda is Taking the Next Step With AI and Big Data Usage

  Honda is one of the biggest automakers in the world, and they’re also up to snuff in the manufacture of motorcycles.  And the reason for that is because they are also the leasers in spending when it comes to R&D, landing them on the Top 20 list, which includes other industries. Being on the… Read more

State Intelligence Helps Shape Bike Sharing with Artificial Intelligence

  Everybody is aware that Big Data has shaped modern transportation, from our traffic systems to ride sharing.  And bike sharing is one of those systems that have been shaped by data analytics, probably from the very outset in most cases.  Bike sharing is a thoroughly modern concept, after all, as anything before the creation… Read more

Starbucks Going Venti with Big Data and Analytics

Starbucks launched suburban sprawl coffee houses all across the world, and they serve millions of cups of coffee (or sugary ice cream shakes) a day.  With all that, they now also gather massive amounts of data from their customers, and they’re leveraging that in many ways to improve the customer experience and their business. The… Read more

The Future of Esports Can Only Be in Big Data

The same way the collection, analysis, and use of all kinds of data changed the way traditional sports was understood and played, it’s now beginning to change the same aspects for competitive Esports games.  But even though players and teams in Dota 2 and League of Legends (as well as Overwatch) are now coming around… Read more