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Hollywood’s love affair with Big Data (before anyone knew what to call it) Like Silicon Valley, Hollywood has long harbored a fascination with Big Data. Long before anyone came up with a catchy name for it, the possibilities and outcomes of big data analysis have captured the imaginations of screenwriters and directors for years, and… Read more

Meet One of the Newest Data Analysts Helping the SageLegion Community

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Big Data is changing the competitive landscape across all industries. Established companies and start-ups alike are embracing the power of a data-focused strategy in order to outpace the competition. Those that are able to effectively leverage big data will be the big winners of tomorrow. The challenge for most companies and organizations is finding the… Read more

Big Data News – Top Big Data Stories of The Week

9 Secrets Of Data-Driven Companies – InformationWeek What does it mean to call your company “data-driven?” Definitions range from simple reporting to viewing data science as a core business strategy. We asked executives from a variety of businesses to help us identify which traits are essential for becoming a truly data-driven company. See what we… Read more

SageLegion: Connecting Businesses With Analysts to Solve the World’s Problems Using Big Data

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The rapid rise of Big Data acquisition capabilities offers the promise of unprecedented business growth across every industry. However, choosing the right big data solution for your industry can be overwhelming. That’s where SageLegion comes in. Our Global Analytics Marketplace is designed to help leverage your resources efficiently, using an incremental approach that moves at… Read more

SageLegion: An Army of Knowledge

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                        Sage:                                                                       Legion: Knowledgeable, through reflection and experience       A large group of soldiers; an army We’re in the midst of a Big Data Renaissance. While download speeds increase at a breakneck pace, processing power and storage capabilities are keeping stride. All of this has resulted in the availability of massive amounts of actionable information… Read more