How to Help Addicts with Artificial Intelligence

Addiction is huge problem in many countries around the world, but in America, it’s even worse, with drug overdoses being the No. 1 cause of death for people under 50.  It’s the leading healthcare crisis in America today, and with drug rehab institutions, there’s even a whole industry built around this problem.  But now it’s… Read more

Machine Learning to Spot Fake News is Being Deployed by Facebook

  Fake news is a constant in our lives these days.  From being mentioned on the real news every night to appearing on our social media newsfeeds to being constantly in President Trump’s tweets, it’s a problem that seemingly can’t be solved.  But the number one social network – the one where fake news has… Read more

Getting Ahead in Business Using Data Science

Big business is experiencing a big change these days.  And the driving factor for that change is big data.  Data analytics is a multi-faceted field that melds together various areas of expertise such as computer science, machine learning, statistical learning, and information technology in order to create value.  And value is what all companies look… Read more

Pentation Analytics Saves The Consumer Dollar in the Insurance Field

Insurtech is helping to drive costs lower for insurance companies that are aware of the potential of analytics-driven technology.  That savings should hopefully lower insurance premiums in the long run as companies strive to beat their competition with lower prices.  A 2015 startup is making headway as a premiere provider of Insurtech to the industry… Read more