Skyline AI May Be Your Answer for Predictive Analytics in Real Estate

This new startup has just raised $18 million in Series A funding a mere four months after coming out of stealth mode.  Skyline AI started out with $3 million in seed funding and now it has $18 million more, thanks to returning investor Sequoia Capital, as well as TLV Partners.  JLL Spark, which is a… Read more

Meet the Company Making the AI for Floor Robots – Brain Corp

  It must be nerve wracking working in retail today.  Brick and mortar stores continue their slow crawl towards automation, and robots will obviously play an increasingly important role in that. There are many companies out there who manufacture the robots which will take our jobs, like Bossa Nova and CommonSense Robotics, for example.  CommonSense… Read more

Observe.AI Wants to Help Customer Service Agents with AI

  Customer service is something we can’t avoid.  At some point in our lives, we’ll have to call a customer service number and speak to an agent at a call center, which could be a good experience or a bad one.  Observe.AI wants to make it a good experience, and rather than replacing the human… Read more

Databricks to Lower Barrier for Enterprises to Innovate with AI

  There is an AI dilemma where despite the allure of artificial intelligence, most enterprises are struggling to succeed with AI. Databricks, a leader in unified analytics seeks to solve that with the creation of Unified Analytics. Data is the key to AI, but data and AI sit in technology and organizational silos, which is… Read more

Cortex is Delivering Decentralized Apps Through Blockchain

  Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the buzzwords of the moment.  In business or in the tech world, these terms are on everyone’s lips.  So naturally, there must be a startup which blends the two catchphrases together, and that would most probably be Cortex.  That’s because Cortex is a decentralized AI platform built on… Read more

AI Could Save Billions of Dollars for Healthcare by 2021

Stakeholders in most sectors do not like disruption because they prefer the status quo.  Luckily, that isn’t the case in the healthcare sector.  It currently demands disruption.  It recognizes the need for evolution as soaring costs and wasted time in every part of the ecosystem prevents it from delivering consistent care and value. That’s why… Read more

Bonsai is Bringing the BRAINs to Microsoft

Microsoft has increasingly keen on AI and has sought to commercialize the ideas its own researchers come up with.  This is a strategy also employed by their main rivals Amazon and Google, as well as other big technology companies.  They’re planning on doing even more in this field with the acquisition of AI startup Bonsai,… Read more

Babylon Health’s AI Beats Human Doctors on a Clinical Exam

May factory workers have been worried for some time now, as the talk about AI-powered robotics taking their jobs has been floating around for the past few years.  The chatter is not new, as the job loss due to increasing industrialization has been going on for a few decades already.  There are other industries that… Read more

Why is Facebook Buying AI Startup Bloomsbury?

It’s open season on any company that’s affiliated some way with AI.  Industries without AI capabilities seem to be afflicted with FOMO without considering whether their acquisition is the right one or whether their need for AI is genuine.  That doesn’t seem to be the case for Facebook and Bloomsbury, though. This London-based startup has… Read more

AI to Analyze Volcanic Eruptions is Only the First Step

A 100% prediction rate for volcanic eruptions may not yet be available within our lifetime, but AI is taking the first step to help understand this phenomenon so that prediction rates can go up in the near future.   That’s why a ‘Convolutional Neural Network’ (CNN) has been developed by a team of scientists from the… Read more