AI-Powered Bot RoCycle Automates Garbage Segregation

According to the World Bank, 98% of the waste people produce in many places, including the United States, ends up in landfills, even though 80% of which is recyclable. As a consequence, more trash is unnecessarily being burned in incinerators and converted into air pollution. Since it is estimated that global generation of solid waste… Read more

4 Tips on Filling Analytics Roles More Quickly

The shortage of analytics talent is a problem with no immediate solution. That has been the case for many years, and data-driven companies are still whining about it today. Yes, the supply of capable professionals continues to struggle to keep pace with the demand for analytics roles, but you can’t wait for the status quo… Read more

GoGuardian Monitors Mental Health of Students With AI

According to a survey, 90% of teens and young adults with symptoms of depression turn to the Internet to get answers for their mental health questions. Instead of calling suicide hotlines or reaching out to trained professionals, these individuals use Google and participate in depression chats to cope. Such a behavior makes it harder to… Read more

BofA’s AI Chatbot Erica Achieves a Milestone

When Bank of America announced its plan to double-down on artificial intelligence at the 2016 Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas, the Comic-Con of the world’s payment and financial services sector for fintech, all eyes were on Erica. The virtual assistant has a tall order: to help the company’s 45 million customers stay on top… Read more

3 Mistakes That Inflate Analytics Expenses

Gleaning valuable insights from big data is a costly proposition. The salaries of the few qualified professionals on the planet who can unearth and make sense of them can range up to six figures. Indeed, the labor of cost of data analytics can eat into your budget. But your expenses will balloon if you do… Read more

WIFIRE Uses AI to Give Firefighters a Head Start

Wildfires are some of Nature’s most frightening displays of might. Contrary to popular belief, though, these catastrophes are 80% man-caused disasters and 20% acts of God. Regardless of who or which started the blaze, a wildlife must be stopped as early as possible. Considering its rather unpredictable nature, putting it out is not exactly a… Read more

3 Examples of the Retail Industry Using Big Data

There are a lot of high-profile companies who have taken advantage of big data to improve their daily operations. Of course, you can’t blame them. In the retail industry, you can’t allow your competitors to get the upper hand or you’ll lose customers. Here are a few examples of retailers using big data to get… Read more

5 Ways to Retain Data and Analytics Talents

Any data-driven company knows that talent recruitment is a great problem, but retention is just as much of a challenge, if not more. Turnover among data and analytics professionals is notoriously high. You would be hard-pressed to find a talent that is willing to commit several years in your company. Since these highly skilled professionals… Read more