How YouTube Uses Big Data

YouTube’s popularity is no secret as the website is worth over $26 billion. It is the website where everyone goes to check out the latest videos. In fact, all the world’s top brands have their own YouTube channel. To lessen the amount of time each user searches for the videos they prefer, YouTube uses big data. Here are a few ways they do it:2-youtube

Recommended Channels

YouTube bases the recommended channels according to the videos you often go to. For example, if you often visit videos about basketball, you can expect the channels to be all about basketball tutorials, NBA highlights and player interviews.


YouTube bases the trending videos on the number of clicks a video gets daily. It would be best to check out these videos so you don’t get left behind on what people are talking about. The topics are mixed so don’t expect to like them all.

Recommended Videos

The recommended videos are based on what you’ve checked out before. For example, if you checked out videos from the Jimmy Kimmel Show channel, there are a chance new videos from that channel will pop up in the recommendations.