Esri Uses Big Data in the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S.

  A demo called the “The Science of Where” recently made waves at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, and it was all about mapping drug overdoses to prevention and treatment program outcomes in order to address the $1 trillion opioid crisis in the United States. The enterprise behind that is Esri, or… Read more

Data Analytics is the Buzzword in Politics Today

                          From the European Union implementing its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco, big data is definitely in the news and on the lips of everyone in politics these days.  In 2008, the Obama campaign really took advantage of data… Read more

Data Analytics Takes On Financial Corruption

  Data analytics has long been known to boost performance in the business world through the optimization of the processes used, boosting performance and thus profitability.  But it can also help the business world, and the world-at-large, by helping to combat financial corruption.  Advanced analytics is part of the arsenal anti-corruption crusaders and government auditing… Read more

Pentation Analytics Saves The Consumer Dollar in the Insurance Field

Insurtech is helping to drive costs lower for insurance companies that are aware of the potential of analytics-driven technology.  That savings should hopefully lower insurance premiums in the long run as companies strive to beat their competition with lower prices.  A 2015 startup is making headway as a premiere provider of Insurtech to the industry… Read more

Big Data in the Driver’s Seat: Car Rental Companies and Data Analytics

How can you leverage your company in an industry where everyone has the same product and charging the same rates at the same locations?  That is what some people in the car rental industry are asking, and increasingly they are turning to big data to find the solution.  Not everyone is on board yet with… Read more

The Notorious B.I.G. Meets Big Data in Today’s Music Industry

Big Data analysis is not the future of the music industry, because the recording industry is ahead of the curve and is actively using those techniques today.   Large sets of raw information – accumulated via downloads, apps and online searches – is influencing not only the market, but which songs become hits. Subjective assumptions from… Read more