Taking a Byte into the Analytics Industry

Imagine you’re at a deli counter. There are dozens of ingredients on display that customers can put into their sandwich. Each combination of ingredients offers something different to customers, even if they’re fundamentally similar. For example, a sandwich that’s built with whole wheat bread, American cheese, turkey, and salami is going to differ greatly from… Read more

Ready, Set, Go – Getting Started with SageLegion

Welcome to the SageLegion Social Analytics Marketplace! You too can become a master of the analytics universe. Got questions? Got Data? Have a team or team members? Time to get organized -and getting started with SageLegion is easy. Step 1 is to take a look around including Community Problems and Community News. Community News is… Read more

Go forth – Organize, Analyze and Conquer Social Media Data!

Let’s face it- a lot of analysis, innovation and discovery work is really about understanding our problems and the nuances and dimensionality of these problems. Developing the questions within these problem areas; and then finding and associating the informational artifacts that allow us to solve these problems is rarely at our fingertips. This is unsung… Read more

Find your Team Diversity for Big Data

I’ve got a business problem. I need to: gain market share from competitors understand customer browsing and buying patterns accelerate my research progress figure out where to spend my advertising dollars segment my markets determine the best place location to test market my new idea measure and manage risk monitor and minimize fraud That is… Read more

Do I need to write the Big Check for the Big Data Solution?

These are questions few organizations can answer with certainty about big data projects and hiring experts. Don’t feel bad, there are no industry standards and no consensus on how this should be measured. Crossing from insight to innovation to operations is always a challenge and exceptionally difficult to quantify. The SageLegion Platform is introducing the… Read more