Calling All Data Scientists!

SageLegion is proud to announce that they have partnered with Gulf Coast JFCS to explore the underlying reasons and factors that contribute to children re-entering Florida’s “system of care”. Since recently relocating to the Bay area, we have received tremendous assistance and support from the local community, and we want to give back in any… Read more

Data Science Talent Leveraged

The usefulness of data science cannot be overemphasized. This talent has successfully replaced the manual methods used in the hiring process and changed our opinion on how we can utilize data to make our companies better. Although still in its early stages of adoption, data science has served as the best way a company can… Read more

Defining Problems

At the core of the SageLegion platform is the Definition of Problems. Getting the answers and working with your social networks is easy enough when you ask the right questions. The Define Problems capability requires a structured approach to outlining and visualizing your analysis. First, you start by defining an Area of Inquiry. Once this broad… Read more

Team Focus

Team composition, diversity, and collective talents have proven to be significant enablers over and over again to accelerate and enrich problem solving. These capabilities  provide insights not easily achieved by individual efforts. It’s not that easy to find and gel a great team and it has traditionally taken a long period of trial and error. We’ve… Read more