3 Big Data Uses in Retail

There are so many retail companies and almost all use big data analytics. In this industry, the competition is intense so it is a big accomplishment to move ahead of other companies. Yes, every little detail counts to achieve success. Here are a few ways big data helps retail businesses: Analyzing Customers Behavior It would… Read more

Peltarion Wants to be the WordPress of Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to AI, many companies usually try using off-the-shelf machine-learning tools from Google’s TensorFlow, Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning or Amazon’s Sage Maker.  These tools are for use in building a company’s own image-recognition or natural-language processing systems.  They either have an in-house team, or they can also outsource the development, which is a… Read more

Process Improvement : Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Data Science

Findings derived from machine learning-powered sources have a dramatic impact on improving customer experience. Building customer loyalty is the key to enduring success in whatever market you are in, and data science is what’s being used in the ways companies keep you around once they’re grabbed your attention. And how is machine learning helping them… Read more

Getting Ahead in Business Using Data Science

Big business is experiencing a big change these days.  And the driving factor for that change is big data.  Data analytics is a multi-faceted field that melds together various areas of expertise such as computer science, machine learning, statistical learning, and information technology in order to create value.  And value is what all companies look… Read more

SageLegion: Connecting Businesses With Analysts to Solve the World’s Problems Using Big Data

Big Data Analysis SageLegion

The rapid rise of Big Data acquisition capabilities offers the promise of unprecedented business growth across every industry. However, choosing the right big data solution for your industry can be overwhelming. That’s where SageLegion comes in. Our Global Analytics Marketplace is designed to help leverage your resources efficiently, using an incremental approach that moves at… Read more