Nvidia Makes an Investment in Deepgram ASR Platform

Silicon Valley startup Deepgram is making waves, being widely described as Google for audio.  As a company involved in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), its GPU-based deep-learning AI is the perfect solution for transcribing calls, meetings, and voicemails for perfect, searchable notes. With technology built with GPUs, it’s only natural that Nvidia be interested in making… Read more

Stop Food Wastage with Shelf Engine’s Machine Learning

  Food wastage isn’t just economically bad for a company in the food industry; it’s also detrimental to the environment and society in general.  Luckily there was a person who felt the same way, and eventually he set up Shelf Engine in 2016 to make the technology available to other companies. The story starts when… Read more

Cortex is Delivering Decentralized Apps Through Blockchain

  Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the buzzwords of the moment.  In business or in the tech world, these terms are on everyone’s lips.  So naturally, there must be a startup which blends the two catchphrases together, and that would most probably be Cortex.  That’s because Cortex is a decentralized AI platform built on… Read more

Inrix Finds Another Use for Its Data Through QSR Site Selection

Inrix has one of the biggest traffic intelligence networks in North America.  Their INRIX Traffic app is the perfect marriage of GPS and machine learning, and a direct competitor to Google-acquired Waze.  The purpose of this app is to allow you to better plot your routes. Iin addition, it provides turn-by-turn navigation with maps from… Read more

CoinGecko is Ranking Cryptocurrencies through Big Data Anlaytics

You can take a trip to the Wild, Wild West right now, just by choosing to invest in the cryptocurrency industry.  With its staggering growth rate, with the main player – Bitcoin, reaching 2,700% valuation, and then its subsequent fall; and the fall of the entire market as well. There’s little question cryptocurrencies are destined… Read more

Don’t Be Down in the Dumps When It Comes to Big Data and Waste Management

The more data you have, and the better able you are to decipher it, then the easier it is to make decisions that will lower your operating costs and ultimately improve your bottom line.  That is what one of the dirtiest industries (literally) is discovering today, as big data solutions are applied towards waste management. … Read more

Getting Ahead in Business Using Data Science

Big business is experiencing a big change these days.  And the driving factor for that change is big data.  Data analytics is a multi-faceted field that melds together various areas of expertise such as computer science, machine learning, statistical learning, and information technology in order to create value.  And value is what all companies look… Read more

SageLegion Business Intelligence News: Top #BI Stories of The Week

Driving New Business Value with Big Data and Data Science You think you know what’s in your data. But there may be a lot more there than you realize. The combination of big data and modern data science can empower you to ask questions in entirely new ways, and uncover answers locked away in your… Read more

SageLegion Business Intelligence News: Top #BusinessIntelligence Stories of The Week

We have the big data tools — let’s learn to use them Recently, at the Apache Spark Maker Community event in San Francisco, I was on a panel and feeling a bit salty. It seems many people have prematurely declared victory in the data game. A few people have achieved self-service, and even more have… Read more

Make Better, Faster, and more Comprehensive Business Intelligence Insights

Ever participate or been to a hackathon where multiple teams work on the same or similar problem? Aside from being a lot of fun- some interesting things happen. Teams come up with some of the same solutions (some more quickly than others), They come up with similar solutions, and They come up with unique solutions (and… Read more