3 Important Things Waze Points Out Using Big Data Analysis

Waze is one of the most commonly used apps because of how it conveniently gets a driver to the person’s destination in a fast manner. Due to how Waze uses real-time data, drivers can instantly avoid traffic. Apart from providing the fastest route, Waze also points out obstructions on the road using big data analysis. Here are some of them:

Objects on the Road

Some people are not mindful of others so they just throw random objects on the road. Good thing, other drivers were able to avoid those things and point them out on Waze for other drivers to avoid them.22-waze

Construction Ongoing

If there’s currently construction ongoing, it’s bound to cause traffic. When you see on Waze that there’s construction up ahead, it’s a clear indication that it would be better to look for alternate routes


The police are on the streets to make things right for motorists. However, they’re also there to apprehend lawbreaking citizens. Hence, they could catch any vehicle anytime and cause major traffic. It would definitely be better to avoid them.

It’s no surprise how beneficial Waze is. It not only shows you how to get to your destination, it also shows obstructions you must avoid.