3 Big Data Uses in Retail

There are so many retail companies and almost all use big data analytics. In this industry, the competition is intense so it is a big accomplishment to move ahead of other companies. Yes, every little detail counts to achieve success. Here are a few ways big data helps retail businesses:

Analyzing Customers Behavior3-retail

It would be best to analyze the target market or the customers who would usually buy your products. Good thing, there’s Hadoop analytics, a program that uses big data to help retailers improve interaction with customers. Among the things, it can identify are in-store shopping trends, online browsing behavior, and product preferences.

Measuring Brand Success

For you to know how the brand has performed so far, the best way to do it would be to check big data analytics. It has been proven that results from customer polling and focus groups were not accurate. As a result, it would be better to do a poll on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter as the results will be more dependable.

Making Customized Promotions

Perhaps, the best way to please customers is to make promotions that they would like. What better way to do it than to make customized promotions. Good thing, big data analytics can be used to create customized offers based on customer’s browsing history and other data. These promotions can be used for social media ads or coupon codes.