How Mcdonald’s Uses Big Data to Please Customers

With more than 34,000 all over the world, the popularity of McDonald’s is no secret. Despite their popularity, they’re still looking for ways to improve themselves. They know they have a growing number of competitors to handle. Because of this, they gather big data to better please their customers. Here are a few methods they… Read more

Benefits Of Data Normalization

Data normalization (database normalization) was first introduced by Edgar F. Codd as an integral part of his relational model first released in 1969. It can be described as the series of processes involving the structuring of a relational database to agree with a set of so-called normal forms. They are often used to increase the… Read more

How does Google profit in Big Data?

Google is one of the largest companies in the world. There are so many people who would love to work in this established company. Aside from paying well, it is known to have one of the best-looking offices you’ll ever see. However, one must wonder how Google generates income since most people spend only a… Read more

How YouTube Uses Big Data

YouTube’s popularity is no secret as the website is worth over $26 billion. It is the website where everyone goes to check out the latest videos. In fact, all the world’s top brands have their own YouTube channel. To lessen the amount of time each user searches for the videos they prefer, YouTube uses big… Read more