Anomalie Using Big Data to Thrive in Broken Wedding Dress Industry

Wedding dresses are a niche market, but it’s a market that is now collapsing, with potential bankruptcies among major wedding dress retailers coming left and right.  David’s Bridal, for example, produces 35% of the U.S.’s wedding dresses, yet they’ve recently hired debt advisors to assist the company amid dropping sales. Alfred Angelo declared bankruptcy in… Read more

How AI Works in a Modern Factory Environment

Places where manufacturing is done have always been the first to feel the effects of any form of industrialization.  Naturally, the 4th Industrial Revolution is making its mark in the factories where the majority of jobs is low-skilled and repetitive.  If you though manufacturing jobs were scarce during the 80s, when robotic assembly lines first… Read more

Peltarion Wants to be the WordPress of Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to AI, many companies usually try using off-the-shelf machine-learning tools from Google’s TensorFlow, Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning or Amazon’s Sage Maker.  These tools are for use in building a company’s own image-recognition or natural-language processing systems.  They either have an in-house team, or they can also outsource the development, which is a… Read more

Shivom and SingularityNET Partner for Large DNA-AI Potential in Human Longevity

  Examining DNA data can lead to many solutions that can explain inherent heritage, intellectual capabilities, health, and fitness for individuals.  Yet, the potential of genomic data has largely yet to be unlocked. There are even a few companies that hold a monopoly on genomic data and make sizeable profits from selling it to third… Read more

Your Creative Team Can Now Be Replaced by Alibaba’s Copywriting AI

  Advertising is supposed to be the realm where humans are the top dog.  After all, don’t creative people who think up the different ways to sell a product or idea to us do so because they’re also human like us?  Isn’t creativity supposed to be what humans excel at; something that machines can’t do?… Read more

Voysis Wants to Make Voice the Main Contact Between You and AI

  With the advent of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, the idea that voice will be the first point of contact between man and machine could well be right.  That is what the founders of Dublin-based Voysis believe, and the reason why this startup was founded back in 2012. This voice artificial intelligence (AI) company… Read more

Skyline AI May Be Your Answer for Predictive Analytics in Real Estate

This new startup has just raised $18 million in Series A funding a mere four months after coming out of stealth mode.  Skyline AI started out with $3 million in seed funding and now it has $18 million more, thanks to returning investor Sequoia Capital, as well as TLV Partners.  JLL Spark, which is a… Read more