The Pentagon is Pushing Through with AI Initiatives Even with Google’s Protests

  The U.S. Military is finally clambering onto the AI bandwagon, although it may be too little too late.   For the fiscal year of 2017, the Defense Department is spending $7.4 billion on AI, big data, and the cloud.  Compare that to China’s $150 billion budget for AI through to 2030. There is still time… Read more

Rare Disease Sufferers Can Help Cure Themselves by Giving Data to RDMD

  It’s not rare that a problem that you have is what prompts you to set up a startup.  That’s quite common in the startup world, and it’s why TapTalk’s Onno Faber decided to start another company.  That’s why he’s now the co-founder of RDMD. The Snapchat competitor’s founder decided to put up this company… Read more

How Teleflora and MGM Resorts International Use AI to Optimize Email Marketing

  Teleflora is a company that makes it easy for you to send flower bouquets for any occasion, be it Valentines, Mother’s Day or for get-well moments at a hospital.  They do this via contracting local florists in your area for arrangements and delivery. They’re an entirely different business from MGM Resorts International, which is… Read more

Appy Pie Simplifies the App-Making Process Even More by Adding AI to the Mix

  Appy Pie may have started as a simple drag-and-drop app development company, but it is taking the inevitable next step by adding AI to its suite of tools for people who want to create an app from scratch.  App creation isn’t easy for people who’ve never written a line of code before, but for… Read more

Big Disasters Can Have Smaller Casualties with Big Data

Natural disasters cannot be predicted.  But the likelihood and scope of it can, in today’s data-driven world.  And that may be enough to bring the body countdown, with timely and correctly-targeted intervention. Gathering data, running models and utilizing machine learning algorithms are essential to forecasting.  Being ready for what first responders may encounter in a… Read more

Big Data and the Transformation of the Telcom Industry

  As early as a few years ago, telecom providers would be horrified at the thought of doing anything other than securing and protecting their data assets, and had no answer if you asked them about their data strategy.  Concerns about reputation and regulation inhibited the pursuit of data innovation, and telcos seemed to be… Read more

Databricks to Lower Barrier for Enterprises to Innovate with AI

  There is an AI dilemma where despite the allure of artificial intelligence, most enterprises are struggling to succeed with AI. Databricks, a leader in unified analytics seeks to solve that with the creation of Unified Analytics. Data is the key to AI, but data and AI sit in technology and organizational silos, which is… Read more

Get Cheaper Car Insurance with Root by Proving Your Skills to its Algorithm

  Artificial Intelligence continues to be a disruptive force in any industry, and the latest startup to prove that is Root Insurance, based in Columbus, Ohio.  Founded in 2015, this company has now become the Midwest’s newest unicorn, reaching a $1 billion valuation after raising $100 million in a series D round just recently. This… Read more

Nara Logics’ AI Gives Leverage for Procter & Gamble to Boost Olay Account

  As a traditional ad agency, Procter & Gamble has had trouble pushing marketing and sales agendas because they just didn’t have the data needed, unlike nimble digital companies who have done in recent years.  It’s a major player, yet it sinks the majority of its spending into airing pricy TV commercials.  That was particularly… Read more