State Intelligence Helps Shape Bike Sharing with Artificial Intelligence

  Everybody is aware that Big Data has shaped modern transportation, from our traffic systems to ride sharing.  And bike sharing is one of those systems that have been shaped by data analytics, probably from the very outset in most cases.  Bike sharing is a thoroughly modern concept, after all, as anything before the creation… Read more

How Danske Bank Took On Fraud with Teradata’s AI and Deep Learning

  When it comes to old school, there are few institutions that be seen as more traditional than banks.  Danske Bank is a Nordic universal bank that was instituted in 1871, so they’ve been operating for more than a century.  Ironically, companies like these are quicker to embrace the technologies of today t optimize their… Read more

AI Could Save Billions of Dollars for Healthcare by 2021

Stakeholders in most sectors do not like disruption because they prefer the status quo.  Luckily, that isn’t the case in the healthcare sector.  It currently demands disruption.  It recognizes the need for evolution as soaring costs and wasted time in every part of the ecosystem prevents it from delivering consistent care and value. That’s why… Read more

Starbucks Going Venti with Big Data and Analytics

Starbucks launched suburban sprawl coffee houses all across the world, and they serve millions of cups of coffee (or sugary ice cream shakes) a day.  With all that, they now also gather massive amounts of data from their customers, and they’re leveraging that in many ways to improve the customer experience and their business. The… Read more

Inrix Finds Another Use for Its Data Through QSR Site Selection

Inrix has one of the biggest traffic intelligence networks in North America.  Their INRIX Traffic app is the perfect marriage of GPS and machine learning, and a direct competitor to Google-acquired Waze.  The purpose of this app is to allow you to better plot your routes. Iin addition, it provides turn-by-turn navigation with maps from… Read more

Liberty Global Taps Amazon Web Services for Formula 1 Machine Learning

For race car fans, Formula 1 (F1) is the pinnacle of the sport.  The drivers are the best in the world, and the technology that they use in the machines is cutting edge.  That’s why each Formula 1 car produces huge amounts of data, and the teams use that to optimize their strategies.  Liberty Media,… Read more

Bonsai is Bringing the BRAINs to Microsoft

Microsoft has increasingly keen on AI and has sought to commercialize the ideas its own researchers come up with.  This is a strategy also employed by their main rivals Amazon and Google, as well as other big technology companies.  They’re planning on doing even more in this field with the acquisition of AI startup Bonsai,… Read more

The Future of Esports Can Only Be in Big Data

The same way the collection, analysis, and use of all kinds of data changed the way traditional sports was understood and played, it’s now beginning to change the same aspects for competitive Esports games.  But even though players and teams in Dota 2 and League of Legends (as well as Overwatch) are now coming around… Read more

Babylon Health’s AI Beats Human Doctors on a Clinical Exam

May factory workers have been worried for some time now, as the talk about AI-powered robotics taking their jobs has been floating around for the past few years.  The chatter is not new, as the job loss due to increasing industrialization has been going on for a few decades already.  There are other industries that… Read more