Why is Facebook Buying AI Startup Bloomsbury?

It’s open season on any company that’s affiliated some way with AI.  Industries without AI capabilities seem to be afflicted with FOMO without considering whether their acquisition is the right one or whether their need for AI is genuine.  That doesn’t seem to be the case for Facebook and Bloomsbury, though. This London-based startup has… Read more

AI to Analyze Volcanic Eruptions is Only the First Step

A 100% prediction rate for volcanic eruptions may not yet be available within our lifetime, but AI is taking the first step to help understand this phenomenon so that prediction rates can go up in the near future.   That’s why a ‘Convolutional Neural Network’ (CNN) has been developed by a team of scientists from the… Read more

Expect Constant Digital Innovation with Splunk’s VictorOps Acquisition

If you’ve been working with data analytics you may have worked with the Splunk.  Based in San Francisco, they’ve been slowly growing and acquiring other companies to strengthen their core business of amassing and analyzing machine-generated Big Data. They do this via a Web-style interface, and their system captures, indexes, and correlates real-time data in… Read more

Big Data and the Transformation of the Telcom Industry

As early as a few years ago, telecom providers would be horrified at the thought of doing anything other than securing and protecting their data assets, and had no answer if you asked them about their data strategy.  Concerns about reputation and regulation inhibited the pursuit of data innovation, and telcos seemed to be missing… Read more

Web App Development and the Rise of Big Data

For a digital business, it is surprising that web app development is only now being transformed by the data analytics revolution.  Previously, developers used to create apps based on focus groups, surveys and educated guesses about the needs and wants of users.  This biased way of working does not include the input of a statistically… Read more

How Hello Fresh Delivers with Big Data

In the food retail landscape, meal kits are proving to be a market-shifting innovation in the U.S. grocery landscape.  In just a few short years they have carved out a unique and profitable niche and they’re no longer the exclusive domain of innovative start-ups.  But the No. 1 company, at least in terms of market… Read more

Dataguise + Snowflake is the Key to Compliance

In today’s world, a growing number of organizations are concerned about the growing need for compliance.  Everyone who has signed up for anything on the web is currently receiving a slew of notifications from different companies regarding the use of their data and its compliance with GDPR rules.  Compliant data governance is the word on… Read more

How Our Cognitive-Emotional Patterns are Outed Through Big Data

  A massive Big Data project by PLOS One led by a researcher from the University of Bristol has imparted a deep insight into the way we humans think.  And this was done by probing seven billion words in 800 million tweets, spanning over four years and 54 cities. The study reveals our shared patterns… Read more

CoinGecko is Ranking Cryptocurrencies through Big Data Anlaytics

You can take a trip to the Wild, Wild West right now, just by choosing to invest in the cryptocurrency industry.  With its staggering growth rate, with the main player – Bitcoin, reaching 2,700% valuation, and then its subsequent fall; and the fall of the entire market as well. There’s little question cryptocurrencies are destined… Read more

Plexure Driving McDonald’s Mobile Vouchers for Multiple Countries

It’s not often that a tech company based in New Zealand makes waves in the industry, but Plexure (formerly VMob) has been doing that recently with their data analytics platform providing good value for their clients.  And the biggest client that this firm has is one of the big names in their industry – McDonald’s…. Read more