Big Data and Mineralogy Enhances Discovery for the Future

The ever-modernizing world has an insatiable need for minerals as each new gadget is invented or upgraded.  The billions of cellphones out there use tons of aluminum and silicon in their screens, as well as lithium, coltan, and manganese in the batteries.  Advanced methods are needed to discover new sources of minerals worldwide, and data… Read more

Have You Tried Corporate Training via Big Data?

Big Data is playing a crucial role for business decision makers, irrespective of the industry or company size. There are many other applications that are still unnoticed by many even though many businesses have adopted data-driven analytics as a critical component for their market analytics practices and customer experience enhancement Many organizations today are investing… Read more

You Mad Bro? – AI Helping the New York Times Weed Out Trolls

With all the optimizing that companies can do with the use of machine learning and data analytics, customer service has always come up as one of the processes that can be improved.  But they probably didn’t think about the handling of trolls as one of the things it can do well. Trolls have long enjoyed… Read more

Paxata’s Technology Helps Polaris Eradicate Human Trafficking

  There is such a thing as modern slavery unfortunately.  This is one crime that non-profit Polaris willing to tackle, with the use of modern data analytics processes.  Human trafficking is believed to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world, with multiple industries (including agriculture, hospitality, restaurant, and domestic work, as well as prostitution)… Read more

Do You Want Your Mind Blown? Check out Starmind’s AI

With a company name that sounds like a David Bowie song, Starmind is finding success on a singular premise that many organizations find invaluable.  You see, the company uses AI to automatically identify the experts within an organization. Whenever you have a question and don’t know who to ask, it will be Starmind that finds… Read more

Data is in Netflix’s Blood, and It’s Skewering Their Competition

Legendary Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman once said “Nobody, nobody – not now, not ever – knows the least goddam thing about what is or isn’t going to work at the box office.” The traditional movie industry is using an outdated business model that depends heavily on sequels, prequels and remakes of popular movies from several… Read more

Big Data Can be a Big Help in the Refugee Crisis

In the midst of all the news going on in the world, the refugee crisis has been a constant that pops up now and again to remind us of the ills of certain regions of this planet.  That’s because the number of people who live as refugees or are displaced within their home countries is… Read more

Big Data is the Key to Omnichannel Marketing

Everyone is aware of the rise of e-commerce, and at the back of our heads we’ve all been waiting for the demise of brick-and-mortar stores because of their internet competition.  But decades after the rise of the digital marketing sphere in the late 1990s, that hasn’t happened yet. Physical retail stores haven’t been made obsolete… Read more

The Slow Transformation of Architecture Through Big Data

  Architecture is seen akin to art, a purely human process that no machine can emulate or affect, even though it is a thoroughly technical process as well.  But people, and especially critics, still tend to frame technological developments as stylistic and philosophical transitions. But like all industries today, it is slowly being transformed by… Read more