Stop Crime in Its Tracks with Big Data Power

Minority Report’ is the film most often referenced when people want to depict a near-future scenario, whether utopian, or most likely dystopian.  It’s used when you want to depict future operating systems’ GUI, predating ‘Iron Man’ by six years.  It’s also used to show the personalized ads that we experience today, though not as in-you-face… Read more

Museums and Data Analytics: The Old Meets the New

The museum as an institution is seen as the epitome of old-school thinking.  Depending on what kind of museum, it is literally a celebration of the past.  But even contemporary art museums are seen as staid and stagnant, someplace where you wouldn’t find advanced technology or forward thinking.  Of course, that is only an outdated… Read more

Flying High – What’s the Next Step for Aerospace and Big Data?

Twentieth-century airplanes generated plenty of data, mostly about the engine systems, fuel use, crew activity, and even weather systems they encountered.  But what use was it to the airlines?  For the aerospace industry today though, it is different.  Through thousands of sensors and more sophisticated technological systems, the newest generation of jets collects exponentially more,… Read more

Data Driven Spin Doctors: Public Relations and Data Analytics

You may think of the public relations realm as being the job of creative people who try to control their clients’ reputations through analog means, like calling a press conference.  But that press conference has a reason behind it, and that reason is increasingly being backed by big data in this day and age.  For… Read more

A Literal Rollercoaster Ride for Big Data Analytics

Theme parks welcome thousands of visitors each day, but the rides themselves cost in the millions.  There is a way to maximize profits for this industry, and that is by incorporating Big Data into the mix.  It won’t be any easy transition, but there are already key players in the game who have put machine… Read more

The Notorious B.I.G. Meets Big Data in Today’s Music Industry

Big Data analysis is not the future of the music industry, because the recording industry is ahead of the curve and is actively using those techniques today.   Large sets of raw information – accumulated via downloads, apps and online searches – is influencing not only the market, but which songs become hits. Subjective assumptions from… Read more