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Driving New Business Value with Big Data and Data Science You think you know what’s in your data. But there may be a lot more there than you realize. The combination of big data and modern data science can empower you to ask questions in entirely new ways, and uncover answers locked away in your… Read more

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Hollywood’s love affair with Big Data (before anyone knew what to call it) Like Silicon Valley, Hollywood has long harbored a fascination with Big Data. Long before anyone came up with a catchy name for it, the possibilities and outcomes of big data analysis have captured the imaginations of screenwriters and directors for years, and… Read more

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Big Data is changing the competitive landscape across all industries. Established companies and start-ups alike are embracing the power of a data-focused strategy in order to outpace the competition. Those that are able to effectively leverage big data will be the big winners of tomorrow. The challenge for most companies and organizations is finding the… Read more

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Selling Cloud Solutions to Government Agencies Federal, state, and local agencies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks for many reasons. But the biggest factor is their inability to keep pace with the changing tools and technology deployed by their attackers. The dizzying rate of change has left them flat-footed, facing seemingly insurmountable technical barriers. In order to… Read more

SageLegion Business Intelligence News: Top #BusinessIntelligence Stories of The Week

We have the big data tools — let’s learn to use them Recently, at the Apache Spark Maker Community event in San Francisco, I was on a panel and feeling a bit salty. It seems many people have prematurely declared victory in the data game. A few people have achieved self-service, and even more have… Read more

Big Data News – Top Big Data Stories of The Week

9 Secrets Of Data-Driven Companies – InformationWeek What does it mean to call your company “data-driven?” Definitions range from simple reporting to viewing data science as a core business strategy. We asked executives from a variety of businesses to help us identify which traits are essential for becoming a truly data-driven company. See what we… Read more